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I work very closely with my close friend Jemma at Isamu Rats; we breed the same family of rats and share our waiting list, and often coordinate our litters. We have a mutually supportive and productive breeding partnership that I value immensely, delighting in the happy aspects of breeding and sharing the load of the difficult times.

About Lovecraft Stud

My name is Lisa, and my partner and I have kept rats since 2008 - although it feels so much longer because rat-keeping quickly grew to become a very large part of my life. After being animal-less for a few years, my partner was well aware of how much I was missing having animals around. Working full-time and with constraints on living space, we began researching "small furries". Rats seemed to fit our criteria (sociable, active, interactive) and our first two girls came from a local pet shop. They were very scared and timid at first but I immediately fell head over heels in love with them, and they eventually grew in confidence and developed into very endearing little creatures, captivating me with their keen intelligence, incredibly engaging personalities and bright curious eyes. They set the snowball in motion for me to become immersed in the rat world. At the time I was unaware of the awful conditions in rodent farms and didn't stop to think about the ethical implications of the pet trade in general. Since then all of my rats have come either from rescue situations, or conscientious breeders who breed selectively for health and temperament, and who carefully follow up their litters in order to improve their line.

I am active in several rat clubs - North of England Rat Society is my home club, where I've held several positions on the committee and support team, and am currently serving as Treasurer. I'm also a member of the National Fancy Rat Society. I use Lovecraft as the prefix to identify the rats I breed, and this is a registered stud name with the NFRS (registration 2013-09). Having previously had my rattery registered for two years, I was very proud to qualify for my stud name in 2013, thanks to my lovely Notch's show successes.

My rats are first and foremost my beloved pets and few of them will ever be part of my breeding plans - indeed, many are rescues with unknown backgrounds and (hopefully this goes without saying) would never be bred from. More information about all of my rats, including lots of photos, can be found on my main rat-keeping site:

The decision to go into breeding developed slowly over time, and grew out of becoming involved with a group of breeders who were working in close partnership (the Tabi Initiative - Shunamite, Isamu and Eximius), with ethics and husbandry very close to my own. Having experienced a number of rescue rats with various health issues, I had a desire to work towards creating healthy, fit and robust typey rats that live longer. I chose to breed under the name "Lovecraft" - mainly because it is such a beautiful word; the connotations of both 'love' and 'craft'; labour of love, to craft/create/shape something. It is also a nod to the author H.P Lovecraft. The first Lovecraft litter, the Contralions, was born here but in pedigree was a pure Brandywine litter, which subsequently went on to be outcrossed into Shunamite lines. I then went on to have 8 litters working with the Tabi Initiative, until November 2014 when we were no longer able to keep the project going for general life reasons. We remained firm friends and I will forever be grateful to the TI people and the time we shared. Although my methods by necessity have had to change somewhat I very much remain committed to the original vision, passion and ethos, and intend to continue along this vein. Over the following few years, Jemma and I found ourselves naturally gravitating towards a closer breeding partnership.

Having always been a doe owner, I started keeping bucks in 2015. The litters I had prior to that were made possible by borrowing bucks from their owners - very special thanks to Kelly Heys, Lilly Hoyland, Stacey Cochrane, Jemma Fettes, Mary Bunce, Hannah Field, Arthur McGiven - and Alison Campbell, of course the generosity and support of Annette Rand of Brandywine Stud, breeder of my first litter's parents, without whom this wouldn't even have begun.

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