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I work very closely with my amazing friend Jemma at Isamu Rats; we breed the same family of rats and share our waiting list, and often coordinate our litters. There will likely be around 3-6 Lovecraft litters and 2-4 Isamu litters per year.

As of 2020, the varieties we breed for are: agouti and topaz (top ear and dumbo), and black (top ear and dumbo). Varieties such as cinnamon, mink, buff, and Russian based varieties may pop up from time to time.

We are working with the primary aim of extending healthy lifespan in robust, typey, beautiful rats who have a very active, engaging and people-oriented temperament. We breed to further our lines, but some kittens may be available to pet homes, to be homed in same-sex pairs or trios. We use a waiting list and do not generally have kittens available for homing.

We use inbreeding to improve health, type, temperament and longevity, and to select away from issues. If this idea bothers you, please read this forum thread on the old Fancy Rats forum and if it still worries you, you will need to find your kittens elsewhere. Although we aim to achieve show standards, our kittens are not guaranteed to be of show quality.

Kittens are generally homed at 7-8 weeks and never before 6 weeks of age. We will not usually home a single kitten even if there is same-age company available in the new home. Where possible, we will attempt to pair up non-identical kittens but this depends entirely on what is born in the litter. As breeders, we must look to the next generation and our first priority will always need to be selecting our keeper kittens; this can sometimes only be done shortly before homing age, so in the case of new homes they should be aware that we are often unable to let people know which individual kittens are available until then. Sometimes we may be able to give homes a limited choice of kittens, but depending on litter size and a range of other factors this is not always possible.

If you wish to apply to go on the waiting list for kittens, please email or to request an application form. Please note that the form is a tool - not a test. It enables me to get some of the information we need in order to give you the best advice we can before offering you our rats, and provides a starting point for further discussion. If we are happy with the answers (or satisfied that advice can been taken onboard and that we can have an open dialogue) you will be added to the waiting list for kittens.

The application form also gives you space to ask questions of us. We believe that taking on kittens from a breeder is a two-way relationship, ideally one which both parties will find rewarding and valuable. We would always encourage prospective owners to spend some time researching breeders in an effort to find someone whose ethics and breeding practices you feel comfortable with. We welcome questions from prospective owners and know how important it is to pick the right breeder - you should feel happy with your selected breeder, just as much as breeders need to satisfy themselves that their kittens will be going to a good home.

Prospective owners are welcome to visit, though please be aware that we both work full time and have a life as well as our rats, so visits need to be arranged in advance. Similarly, we are not online every day and it can sometimes take a while to respond to emails, especially application forms which can require a lot of feedback. If you are not sure if rats are the right pets for you, we would strongly suggest attending a rat show.

We may be able to put you in touch with owners in your area who has rats from us, and there is also the option of meeting us and our rats at a NERS show, which we attend the majority of. We encourage prospective owners to meet us and the rats in person - this will help you decide if their temperament and type is what you're after. Buying an animal is effectively endorsing that person's ethics and husbandry, so whichever breeder you choose, we would encourage you to satisfy yourself that you're comfortable with the way that they operate.

You will need to arrange to collect your kittens in person from either me or Jemma. Alternatively, it may be possible to arrange to meet at a rat show. We will not consider transporting kittens via someone else unless we already know you very well.

Owners are asked to sign a no-breeding agreement and to keep us updated on the rats' health and temperament throughout their lives via 6-monthly updates at the minimum. Interest in our babies continues throughout their lives - we will continue to provide advice and support should you need it, and aim to build a relationship with each of the prospective parents; many become friends. We have an active Facebook group for our owners where people contribute with monthly weigh-ins, photos and general rat chat, questions and advice.

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