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I am working with the primary aim of extending healthy lifespan in robust, typey, beautiful rats who have a very active, engaging and people-oriented temperament. The main varieties I breed have so far been agouti and black in dumbo and top ear. For 2017 the plan is to focus on agouti and cinnamon, and have a separate(ish) black/mink line, which is also likely to be silvered, at least initially. I would happily be in a position to keep Essex markings but will need to see how it goes. In many of the litters there is a small chance of russian-based varieties and topaz/buff.





Essex markings


Black Essex (symmetrical, central headspot)

Agouti Essex (droopy, uneven headspot)

Agouti Essex (nice even blaze)

Baby Essex bellies - agouti (with quite good graduation)
and black (very splodgy; cute but not to standard!)

Ear types


Top ear


For genetic information and variety standards, visit toyah's Rat Varieties site.

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