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Sundrop Alkali x Lovecraft Mr Bojangles

Family tree

10/02/2014: 3 babies, day 23 of the gestation period (4 born, 3 surviving).

Alkali is a zippy little doe who is from Flow's second litter at Sundrop. She stood out already as a tiny baby by being the lickiest of the litter and always poking her nose into things of potential interest. She is loving and gentle - smart, playful, and super agile - a very fun rat to live with, without a serious bone in her body. Bojangles was born here in Flow's first litter; he is a big typey buck, energetic, intelligent and mischievous - very much a troublemaker! This mating is an inbreed on Flow who is an amazing doe, and from this combination I'm hoping for zany active kittens with a big zest for life who will keep their owners on their toes. Variety-wise, kittens will be agouti. Black, cinnamon and mink is also possible depending on if Bojangles carries self and/or if Alkali carries mink.

This litter will be homed jointly with the Spores. Kelly (at Sundrop) and I will keep back all the girls, with the boys going to live with their dad Bojangles. If you are interested in going on the list for future litters, please see the Homing page for more information.
3 does      
Girl 1: Cinnamon (Cadri) KH      
Girl 2: Mink/dark phase pearl (Auster) KH      
Girl 3: Black (Hellibel) Keeper      


0-2 weeks

2-3 weeks

3-4 weeks

Individual photos

 Girl 1 - Cinnamon

Cadri (KH)

Day 10: 30g
Day 21: 67g
Day 28: 92g

Day 7 Day 10 Day 13  
      Day 21 Day 28 Day 41  

 Girl 2 - Mink/dark phase pearl

Auster (KH)

Day 10: 33g
Day 21: 72g
Day 28: 99g

Day 7 Day 10 Day 13  
      Day 21 Day 28 Day 41  

 Girl 3 - Black

Hellibel (keeper)

Day 10: 29g
Day 21: 68g
Day 28: 100g

Day 7 Day 10 Day 13  
      Day 21 Day 28 Day 41  


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