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LCR16 / The Elantis

Lovecraft Eldra x Lovecraft Avanti

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21/05/2016: 4 babies, day 23 of the gestation period.

Eldra is a real little gem, very easy-going and licky; one of those rats that works well in any group and takes most things in her stride; although after her first litter she has found a bit more assertiveness and is now a stronger character in my doe group. She is sweet and active, and always up for mischief. Avanti is my all-time favourite buck and sweetheart - a great reliable alpha who is gentle yet firm and never over the top, with a fantastic temperament balance between activity and interest in people. He has a lovely long typey body and beautiful head. I'm hoping for forward, robust and typey kittens who are very engaging and active just like their parents. We should be getting agouti and black in dumbo and top ear.

At 3.5 weeks, this litter (and all my adults) caught sendai virus following exposure at a rat show. Avanti very sadly died from the virus, and Eldra became very sick so I decided to remove her from her babies at just over 2 weeks to give her a better chance of survival; she was barely eating or drinking anything and needed all of her body's reserves for herself. Instead her sister Fallow stepped in - she had lost her own litter two weeks prior, and successfully raised some of Jemma's foster Vantum babies, and she had also taken over raising the Glowfuls when Afterglow fell ill. Fallow was less affected by the virus than the other does and successfully reared everyone's babies until weaning, with no losses! Because of all the trauma and heavy losses I suffered in my colony while the virus and secondary infections went through all my rats, there are fewer than normal photos of these litters.

This litter will be homed jointly with the Glowfuls and with the three very closely related foster Vantums from Isamu. I plan to keep two does, with the remainder being homed to my waiting list. If you are interested in going on the list for future litters, please see the Homing page for more information.

4 does      
Girl 1: Agouti (Lilly) DD      
Girl 2: Agouti dumbo (Luna) DD      
Girl 3: Black (Begasti) Keeper      
Girl 4: Agouti (Freewild) Keeper      


0-2 weeks

4 weeks onwards

Individual photos

 Girl 1 - Agouti

Lilly (DD)

Day 10: 32g
Day 21: 63g
Day 28: 86g

Day 9 Day 33 Day 49  

 Girl 2 - Agouti dumbo

Luna (DD)

Day 10: 29g
Day 21: 64g
Day 28: 91g

Day 9 Day 33 Day 49  

 Girl 3 - Black

Begasti (Keeper)

Day 10: 27g
Day 21: 55g
Day 28: 73g

Day 9 Day 33 Day 49  

 Girl 4 - Agouti

Freewild (Keeper)

Day 10: 27g
Day 21: 62g
Day 28: 79g

Day 9 Day 33 Day 49  


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