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LCR15 / The Glowfuls

Lovecraft Afterglow x Lovecraft Artful Dodger

Family tree

06/05/2016: 4 babies, day 23 of the gestation period (5 born, 4 surviving).

Afterglow is very sweet natured and extremely licky; a busy and inquisitive attractive doe with lovely eyes and warm agouti colour. Dodger is a big studly buck with excellent silvering and a nice steady engaging temperament. I'm hoping for robust kittens with good type who will make wonderful pets. Kittens should be agouti and black, with a chance of dumbo if Afterglow carries it.

At 3.5 weeks, this litter (and all my adults) caught sendai virus following exposure at a rat show. Afterglow herself became very sick, and I decided to remove her from her babies to give her a better chance of survival; she was barely eating or drinking anything and needed all of her body's reserves for herself. At this point the Glowfuls were living with the foster Vantum babies, who Fallow had been rearing after losing her own litter, and as Fallow was less affected by the virus she managed to see both litters through until weaning without any losses (following which she saved the lives of the Elantis!). Because of all the trauma and heavy losses I suffered in my colony while the virus and secondary infections went through all my rats, there are fewer than normal photos of these litters. Happily the two baby bucks will be going to live with their daddy.

This litter will be homed jointly with the Elantis and with the three very closely related Vantum fosters from Isamu Rats. I plan to keep one or two does, with the remaining babies being homed to my waiting list. If you are interested in going on the list for future litters, please see the Homing page for more information.

2 does   2 bucks  
Girl 1: Black (Hannity) Keeper   Boy 1: Black dumbo (Fergus) AM
Girl 2: Black BS   Boy 2: Black (Victor) AM


0-3 weeks

4+ weeks

Individual photos

 Girl 1 - Black

Hannity (Keeper)

Day 10: 26g
Day 21: 59g
Day 28: 96g

Day 9 Day 48 Day 63  

 Girl 2 - Black


Day 10: 26g
Day 21: 57g
Day 28: 99g

Day 9 Day 48 Day 63  

 Boy 1 - Black dumbo

Fergus (AM)

Day 10: 27g
Day 21: 56g
Day 28: 97g

Day 9 Day 15 Day 63  

 Boy 2 - Black

Victor (AM)

Day 10: 28g
Day 21: 62g
Day 28: 97g

Day 9 Day 15 Day 63  


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