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LCR25 / The Alfrees

Lovecraft Freewild x Lovecraft Albus

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27/10/2017: 2 babies, day 23 of the gestation period (3 born, 2 surviving).

Freewild had the lovely Wildtan litter back in the spring, and as the kittens developed so well and she bounced back so quickly, we decided to have another litter from her, as we're trying to push longevity and the fertility window is part of that. She is by no means old (she will be 17 months by the time the litter is born), but due to the sendai virus last year I have had to breed a bit earlier from some of my does and I do want to push back on that where I can. Freewild is a robust girl with lovely type and good colour, and above all she has a very sweet easy-going temperament with just the right dose of naughtiness! Albus is a broad studly buck with a genuinely nice and stable temperament - his owner Ryan describes him as "A happy rat who enjoys life. He is just as happy cuddled up with you as he is off exploring and having fun". I'm hoping for substantial typey kittens with solid temperaments.

This litter will be homed jointly with the Zookarus and Batalox, and the closely related Biddys at Isamu. I plan to keep two does and two bucks in total, with the remainder being homed to our waiting list. If you are interested in going on the list for future litters, please see the Homing page for more information.

2 does      
Girl 1: Agouti Essex (Phoenix) KH      
Girl 2: Agouti (Cracker) SW      


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