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LCR20 / The Stiglets

Isamu Terra x Lovecraft Batman

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07/04/2017: 10 babies, day 23 of the gestation period.

Terra is my little lovebug! She was born at Isamu to my heart rat Avanti, and grew up here from four days of age after my Fallow lost her own litter and successfully raised three of Jemma's foster Vantum babies. Shortly after, I was hit by sendai virus following exposure at a rat show. All my rats became very ill, including the babies, and we very sadly lost a large number of rats, including my amazing Avanti. Luckily little Terra and her sisters managed to pull through, and it became clear early on that she had no intention of going anywhere! Even now at 11 months old she is a puppy rat, giddy and playful, and loves to wrestle hands and ping about. She has a lovely head, eye and ear, although she is quite small and has a fairly short body. Batman is one of my favourite bucks ever; absolutely bombproof, extremely licky and friendly, and a great natural alpha. He is a NERS stud champion and has fantastic type, beautiful eyes, and has kept his black colour very well. Hopefully his nice long body will improve Terra's in this respect, and double up on all their wonderful characteristics. Kittens will most probably be naughty little bundles of agouti with a chance of black, majorly playful and intelligent, and worm their way into people's hearts just like Terra did with me.

This litter will be homed jointly with the very closely related Boms, Findiddys and Subats at Isamu Rats. I plan to keep two does, with the remainder being homed to our waiting list. If you are interested in going on the list for future litters, please see the Homing page for more information.

8 does   2 bucks  
Girl 1: Agouti (Madcap) CT   Boy 1: Agouti (Wizard) SD
Girl 2: Agouti (Iridia) Keeper   Boy 2: Agouti (Suedehead) Keeper
Girl 3: Agouti (Stiglet) JM      
Girl 4: Agouti (Tali) AW      
Girl 5: Agouti (Scout) JS      
Girl 6: Agouti (Chick) JS      
Girl 7: Agouti (Poe) HB      
Girl 8: Agouti (Lexi) EN      


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