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LCR29 / The Farlies

Lovecraft Faraday x Lovecraft Charlie

Family tree

04/04/2018: 11 kittens, day 23 of the gestation period.

Faraday is a lovely girl, independent and somewhat headstrong in nature and with a very robust and capable conformation, and warm agouti colour. Charlie is a buck that I adore - a great alpha, quietly dominant and confident, with lovely type and incredibly beautiful eyes. This is a brother/sister mating to try and fix the good type in the Wildtan litter and attempt to capitalise on the good longevity behind them.

This litter was homed with the Beecaps and Phimbats.

7 does   4 bucks  
Girl 1: Agouti (Moiraine) RJ   Boy 1: Agouti (Ernie) BN
Girl 2: Agouti (Malteser) MAM   Boy 2: Agouti (Merlin) AO
Girl 3: Agouti (Splat) MAM   Boy 3: Agouti (Jynx) AO
Girl 4: Agouti (Eleanor) LK   Boy 4: Agouti (Loki) DT
Girl 5: Agouti (Kaia) JEN      
Girl 6: Agouti (Aubergine) DvB      
Girl 7: Agouti (Cherimoya) DvB      


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