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LCR30 / The Moskans

Lovecraft Moby x Lovecraft Teruskan

Family tree

29/05/2018: 4 babies, day 24 of the gestation period (she birthed four live (but weak) babies and one stillborn, then started with heavy discharge and bleeding).

This litter is magical in so many ways. Moby's mum Begasti is one of my all-time heart rats, she had sendai as a kitten, and we tried several times to get a litter from her before finally succeeding.

Begasti was born in a litter of 4 does, a very special litter that all caught sendai and barely made it through. Their dad Avanti was my favourite buck and died much too young in the sendai infection, thankfully leaving his legacy in the form of Begasti and her sisters, and the equally wonderful Vantum litter at Isamu. When I tried to get a litter from Begasti, it took several attempts before she agreed, and she had a litter of only 3 kittens - again all were does! We had been expecting agouti and black with a chance of cinnamon/mink and dumbo, and ended up with a trio of blacks and called them our little "limited edition" litter. However, Moby was not to be outdone. She grew enormous, then went into day 24 with no kittens. Eventually she did give birth, to four weak live babies and one stillborn, and then continued with the type of heavy discharge and bleeding that is often seen with reabsorbtions. The kittens survived and I was over the moon. So happy in fact that I didn't really think about varieties at all - we were going to get agouti and black, and there were two distinct shades. I did think they looked quite pale but put it down to their hard start. Until suddenly on DAY 7 the penny finally dropped and I realised I didn't have 3 agouti and 1 black, I had in fact 3 cinnamon and 1 mink! Completely unexpected and so so wonderful.


LCR30 / The Moskans
Born: 29 May 2018
Kittens: 4 (2 does; 2 bucks)
Varieties: Cinnamon, mink; dumbo.
Family tree
Day 24

Bazooka is a force-of-nature rat - smart, persistant, and insistant! Thankfully she has calmed down compared to when she was a young kitten as she was impossible to contain. As an adult, Bazooka is still very busy and keen to explore everything, but she is also very settled in herself. Severus is basically Bazooka's temperament-twin - his owner frequently refers to him as an evil genius, and Sev has destroyed more belongings and gotten himself into more pickles than most other rats ever get round to. He is a gorgeous effusive lad who is very accepting and accommodating, and people-oriented when he can spare the time. I'm not completely sure what possessed us to mate these two together, but it's probably part of their longterm game plan of taking over the world. We will likely get incredibly challenging agouti and black kittens with some freestyle markings.

This litter will be homed jointly with the Alfrees and Batalox, and the closely related Biddys at Isamu. I plan to keep two does and two bucks in total, with the remainder being homed to our waiting list. If you are interested in going on the list for future litters, please see the Homing page for more information.

4 does   4 bucks  
Girl 1: Agouti Irish dumbo (Calyx) KH   Boy 1: Black Irish dumbo NW
Girl 2: Agouti dumbo (Ara) JB   Boy 2: Black Essex dumbo; mismarked NW
Girl 3: Agouti Irish (Pepper) LF   Boy 3: Agouti Irish (Nabu) MS
Girl 4: Agouti dumbo (Popcorn) SW   Boy 4: Black Berkshire dumbo; mismarked (Hillberry) SW


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