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LCR28 / The Phimbats

Lovecraft Seraphim x Lovecraft Batarang

Family tree

29/03/2018: 13 kittens, day 23 of the gestation period.

As a kitten, Sera was very promising and to help with number control I placed her in a local home, with the agreement that she could be borrowed back for a litter if needed. I'm so happy and grateful that this was possible, as Sera grew into a stunningly gorgous doe with a beautiful sweet and cheerful temperament to match. Batarang is a really calm and kind buck, nice and broad with great type, and has previously sired a lovely typey litter, so I'm really looking forward to some smashing kittens from these two.

This litter was homed with the Beecaps and Farlies.

9 does   4 bucks  
Girl 1: Agouti dumbo (Min) RJ   Boy 1: Black dumbo (Brian Cox) SW
Girl 2: Agouti dumbo (Isola) Keeper   Boy 2: Black dumbo (Thor) DT
Girl 3: Agouti dumbo (Mrs Jumbo) MAM   Boy 3: Agouti dumbo (Vallis) Keeper
Girl 4: Agouti dumbo (Fen) JEN   Boy 4: Agouti dumbo (Henry)


Girl 5: Black dumbo (Moggle Mog) JF      
Girl 6: Black dumbo (Jabberwocky) CF      
Girl 7: Agouti (Tiger) LK      
Girl 8: Agouti (Yue) DD      
Girl 9: Black (Arcana) Keeper      


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