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LCR26 / The Stanzas

Hawthorn Heartsong x Lovecraft Suedehead

Family tree

07/02/2018: 14 kittens, day 23 of the gestation period.

toyah at Hawthorn got a lovely young topaz pearl doe in one of her litters - an incredibly beautiful unstandardised variety that Jemma and I both fell in love with. We decided to take it on as a project, and toyah very kindly let us have Heartsong. She was mated to Suedehead, our best core line buck, to produce a litter of carriers. However, for a number of reasons we subsequently decided not to continue this project, although one of the bucks (Kimmins) went on to sire a litter for toyah and gave her a litter of merle kittens including a gorgeous chimera.

This litter was homed jointly with the Swaggles at Isamu, the Babbles and Limons at Azuline, a litter at Mimble, and three similar-aged kittens that I took in from an accidental litter.

10 does   4 bucks  
Girl 1: Agouti (Leonora) LF   Boy 1: Black (Quinn) HB
Girl 2: Agouti (Lydia) LF   Boy 2: Agouti (Henry) HM
Girl 3: Agouti (Kapka) CL   Boy 3: Agouti (Rhino) PS
Girl 4: Agouti (Eevee) JJ   Boy 4: Agouti (Kimmins) LA
Girl 5: Agouti (Flareon) JJ      
Girl 6: Agouti (Bellatrix) CS      
Girl 7: Agouti Irish (Luna) CS      
Girl 8: Agouti (Tails) JM      
Girl 9: Agouti (Cat) KS      
Girl 10: Agouti (Ellieana) DF      
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