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LCR26 / The Stanzas

Hawthorn Heartsong x Lovecraft Suedehead

Family tree

Lovecraft Suedehead
Lovecraft Batman
(silver black)
Brandywine Gaston
(russian blue Essex)
Brandywine Tiller
(russian dove Essex)
Brandywine Xara
(russian blue)
Lovecraft Eldra
Lovecraft Twirlip of the Mists
(silver mink)
Lovecraft Hedonista
(agouti dumbo)
Isamu Terra
(agouti dumbo)
Lovecraft Avanti
Isamu Da Vinchi's Toad
Lovecraft Malone
(agouti dumbo)
Isamu Summer Daze
(agouti dumbo)
Lovecraft Zachary
(agouti dumbo)
Lovecraft Shoot for the Moon
(agouti dumbo)
Hawthorn Heartsong
(topaz pearl mismarked Berkshire)
Tartan Tails buck
From Lilliput blues/platinums and Hawthorn chocolates
Skatta doe
(pearl merle Berkshire)

From the original merle import and Rivendell agouti


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